Kyle Wilson officially signs with New York Mets organization

07/07/2017 10:31 AM -

A recent addition to the Mustangs roster is on the move again.

Kyle Wilson, who joined the Mustangs on June 20th following multiple Mustangs signing pro contracts.

Wilson, a graduate of Raymore-Peculiar High School, joined the Mustangs on a temporary contract after being drafted by the New York Mets in the 34th round. His time with the team was to help prepare him for the larger crowds and atmosphere of the minor and major leagues.


“It was a good experience to come down and play.,” Wilson said. “Coming in I was a little nervous. First time living with a host family, so that was a little scary, but it was just another day playing baseball and doing what I love everyday.”


Wilson credits the large crowds and support of Mustangs fans with preparing him for what he will see at the next level.


“It was a shock at first, you know, it’s very different. Being exposed to that I think will help me going up the ladder. It was a shock, but it was definitely sweet.”

Joining a team close to the midpoint of their season can be a difficult task, but the Mustangs mold was a perfect fit for Kyle.


“They were very accepting and that’s what was awesome about it,” Wilson said, “I grew friends with a lot of people that helped me out along the way. I feel like I made some friends that I’ll be in touch with for a while. It was a good experience.”


Wilson officially signed with the New York Mets earlier this week, the next step for him will either take him to Port St. Lucie, FL to join the St. Lucie Mets, the High-A affiliate of the New York Mets major-league club.


This next step will be the first time Wilson will be playing away from home. He attended Crowder College, just two hours south of his family in Raymore.


“Yeah they were able to come watch me a lot [at school and in St. Joseph]. Yes I will miss them, but this is what I want to do. I’m just ready to play and start living my dream I’ve been chasing my whole life.”


“I started playing when I was four or five,” Wilson said. “My dad definitely pushed me the most. My parents and grandpa have always been there for me. Growing up I used to get upset all the time at him pushing me, but now I can’t thank him enough for all he did.”


With each passing day, 20 year old Kyle Wilson’s childhood dream is becoming more and more of a reality. From playing catch in the yard with his father to pitching in front of thousands of Mustangs fans, Kyle continues to climb the ladder. Although his time in St. Joseph was brief, he will never forget the memories, the fans and the friends he made along the way. 


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