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Lincoln Returns for Second Season with Mustangs

05/23/2018 11:02 AM -


2600 SW Parkway
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May 23rd, 2018

By Toby Lowe


Joshua Lincoln's journey to St. Joe began 3,888 miles away in Nanakuli, Hawaii. The third baseman is returning to the Mustangs for his second year.


Lincoln is a junior at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma where he is studying kinesiology.


He was not sure what to expect when he arrived in the city. It was his first extended experience with the Midwest.


“When I first came over I was a little nervous,” Lincoln said. “I didn't know how I would like the city and how the fans would react to me, but from the first day I got there the fans were amazing. It honestly was better than I thought it was going to be. The first game when there were like 5,000 people in the stands, I was just in awe.”


Lincoln’s story begins with his father. A baseball player himself, he introduced his two sons to the sport.


“It was just a usual thing for kids to get into sports,” he said. “I played basketball and football, but there was something about baseball that was different. When I was around eight or ten I just started to really like it and I developed more into a baseball player. I won some awards here and there, won some tournaments and that's when I was like, yeah I think this baseball thing is going to take me far.”


From the little leagues to college baseball, when Lincoln stepped on the field at Phil Welch he encountered something he’d never experienced before.


“They have some of the greatest fans and standing in the on-deck circle there was always a bunch of fans over there talking to me, telling me how much they liked me,” he said.


When he is not playing in front of the fans on the diamond. He enjoys hanging out with his teammates in various places around the city.


Nothing beats enjoying an order of parmesan garlic wings while sitting around a table at Buffalo Wild Wings after a win.


“That's the one place we always go after games,” Lincoln said. “Sometimes I go to the lake to fish and do other things like that. We have a busy schedule so when we have those off games you have to take advantage of it.”


Despite spending some time around the water visiting the lake, It’s no surprise what Lincoln misses most about his home on the island.


“I was a little beach kid growing up,” he said. “I used to surf all the time. I would be at the beach from eight o'clock in the morning to six o’clock at night and I got to say that is probably the thing I miss most about Hawaii.”


Lincoln batted .299 with 18 RBI and 18 stolen bases in his first season with the Mustangs.


He takes advantage of his speed, using it to get around the base path, placing himself in scoring position.


“I am not the biggest guy, I'm not the strongest,” Lincoln said. “I won't be hitting many homeruns or doubles so getting on base and extending a single into a triple or a double is a big factor for me.”


He has the green light from the coaching staff to take a base when he sees an opportunity. The trust comes with great responsibility.


“If we feel like we can take a bag, we take it,” Lincoln said. “With that being said you can't be reckless with stealing bases you have to know what the score is and when to steal and when not to steal.”


Lincoln played a major role in the Mustangs championship last year with his performance at the plate and his defense in the field. When the final out was recorded it was something he had never experienced.


“It was crazy,” Lincoln said. “That was probably the first real championship that I have won and first the dog pile was amazing. It hurt a little bit, but all that adrenaline rushing through my mind. It was great.”


Despite the pain in the dog pile Lincoln has one goal in mind this season. Recapturing that feeling any way possible.


“Start off strong, start off weak, as long as we get that championship we’ll all be happy in the end.”


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